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Apple pay work out of USA, how?

As we know that apple pay is only available in USA, but with a small trick, apple pay also work internationally. To use apple pay in countries out of the USA, the customer need to change the region for his phone from home country to USA credit cards issued by U.S banks. These settings are only available in iphone 6, iphone 6 plus.  IPad 3 and apple watch.

How we set these settings?

  1. Show the apple pay settings.
  2. Open the settings.
  3. Tap on general.
  4. Tap on language and region.
  5. Tap on region.
  6. Now change your region.

To set up apple pay you need your debit or credit card number. Then add your card number in passbook its expiring date and security code. The card will be verified with the bank of USA. Then you can test the progress by buy a good at a store which support NFC terminal. For example, a user (other than USA user) is able to by a soda from a vending machine with a NFC payment system, the machine will approved USA based credit card with no more steps.


Once an iphone is configured, international owners can use apple pay at point of sale that support NFC (near field communication) payments. For example you can use apple pay at locations that accept MasterCard Pay Pass, Visa Pay Wave, or American Express Pay payments. But there is no guarantee that it will work at every vendor, but generally it will apply.

An international fee may apply to your purchases. Because of the heavy international fee apple pay is more expensive to pay than cash. The international users who have access to USA credit cards sometime ignore to using them because of the potential additional cost. But is very convenient for American users who travelling abroad. They will be able to use apple pay in those international stores where NFC payments were already developed. They don’t need to do anything because they are already using USA based credit or debit cards.

Apple pay work internationally but only with USA based credit cards. But know apple will launch soon apple pay outside the USA without U.S. credit or debit cards. Now that is confirmed that apple pay will officially arrive in UK, when UK banks officially start to support it. May be it will come in UK in 2015. Apple pay will also launching in china, Australia and UAE and this service is available in more markets in future, as apple inc deals with local banks and other financial institutions.

There is another problem that some U.S. banks and certain retailers can’t wait to support apple pay. But outside the U.S.A, some financial institutions and stores are also interested in NFC payments. Apple is partnering with these credit or debit card companies, banks and retailers to make sure that apple pay will work easily even outside the USA. And outside users supported U.S. credit cards so it is an advantage of apple pay.

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